5 Keto Weight Loss Journeys That Will Inspire You!

Weight Loss Success


The low-carb keto diet has helped a lot of people turboboost their weight loss journey.

If you’ve been looking for inspiration, take a look at these 5 success stories shared on Twitter!

#1 – LowCarbKitty (@Lowcarbkity)

On July 20, LowCarbKitty couldn’t resist sharing how she started her weight loss journey 17 years ago and lost 100lbs.

Thanks to keto, she’s kept it off and still feels healthier than ever!

#2 – syd (@poplin55)

“a year difference, 100 pounds lighter. I am so much more confident #keto #weightloss”

Syd’s feeling super confident after losing 100 pounds in just one year, as of July 5, thanks to the keto diet.

#3 – Dr. Jay Wrigley (@KetoDocCLT)

As of June 24, Dr. Jay Wrigley lost nearly 100 pounds.

He’s since made the keto diet principles the foundation of his work as a physician!

#4 – beckiesweckers (@beckisweckers)


Beckie didn’t have much weight to lose, but didn’t let that become an excuse.

Thanks to the keto diet, in just 6 months she proved a weight loss journey can lead to a happier self.

#5 – Greg McManus (@GregMcNK)

On June 16, Greg decided to look back on his weight loss journey to celebrate the results.

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