7 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss On Scale


Losing weight is a major challenge that requires willpower and dedication.

Sadly, despite your best efforts, there may be times when the number on your scale simply won’t budge.

In these situations, you should consider if you might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts, as a few simple mistakes could throw all of your hard work out the window.

#1 You Graze Constantly

If you find yourself grazing throughout the day, you may think that you’re only consuming a small number of calories.

Unfortunately, multiple “small” snacks throughout the day can add up to a big amount by bedtime.

When all of those little bites are combined, you may have consumed enough calories to hinder your weight loss efforts.

#2 You Eat When You Aren’t Hungry

Do you find yourself binging on ice cream when you are stressed or reaching for a bag of chips out of boredom?

These are certainly some examples of eating when you aren’t hungry, and they may have contributed to your previous weight gain.

However, some people continue to adopt this habit as a way to lose weight.

You may have received advice that you need to eat a certain number of snacks or meals each day, but if you aren’t hungry, you shouldn’t force yourself to eat.

Instead, focus on your body and the true signals of hunger.  

#3 You Only Focus on Exercise

Many people who want to lose weight believe that they can increase their exercise level and continue to eat what they want.

Unfortunately, you need both diet and exercise to have any significant weight loss success.

This means you can no longer use your tough workout as a justification to eat that donut or slice of pizza.

#4 You Completely Deprive Yourself

There are many diets that ask you to completely eliminate food groups from your life.

Whether you’re giving up carbs for Atkins or following the grapefruit diet, these elimination methods actually make weight loss even harder.

When you deprive yourself of your favorite foods completely, you may find yourself craving them even more.

Instead of skipping out on certain foods, try to eat them in moderation or help yourself to a small serving.

#5 You Waste Your Calories on Beverages

When dieting, some people forget to account for the calories that they drink.

A can of soda alone can have 150 calories, and processed juices, alcohol, and sweet teas may contain even more.

Instead of wasting hundreds of calories a day on drinks, swap these diet busters out for unsweetened tea, water, or black coffee.

#6 You Always Choose Fat-Free Foods

Many dieters think that fat is the enemy and needs to be eliminated in order to lose weight.

In reality, the body needs healthy fats to function properly and to keep your metabolism running smoothly.

Foods like avocados, cheese, eggs, fish, nuts, and even dark chocolate are full of healthy fats, and while you need to consume them in moderation, they are a good addition to any diet.

#7 You Skip Breakfast – or Lunch

Skipping a meal might seem like a logical way to cut calories and eat less. In reality, this will cause you to eat more later, and it will also slow your metabolism.

Then, when you do finally eat, your body will have a more difficult time burning off the excess calories.

Any effort to lose weight deserves major applause and acknowledgement, but it is important to avoid self-sabotage. By taking care to avoid some big mistakes, you’ll greatly improve your chance of weight loss success.

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