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Megan Margot is a Canadian YouTuber who now lives in London.

Amazingly, she lost 60lbs over the course of a year through dedication to healthy eating and to exercise.

She has shared her 11 top tips to help people get started on their own weight loss journey, and we have them here for you in all their glory.

#1 Drink More Water

Cutting out all the soda and switching to water is Megan’s No1 tip. Even on its own, switching to water, and lots of it, will make you lose weight and feel better.

When you’re used to sugar, you’ll probably dislike drinking only water, but it’s amazing how quickly your palate changes.

Drinking a full glass of water when you get up in the morning and before meals will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight.

Your brain can also confuse thirst for hunger, so drinking water when you feel hungry may be giving your body what it needs, and your hunger will disappear.

Adding lemon or lime, or drinking herbal tea is also an option.

Hot water can curb your appetite so having tea before or after your meal can help stop you from over eating.

#2 Eat Until You’re Satisfied, Not Full

It takes your body time to let your brain know that it’s full, meaning that you eat more than you actually need to.

Again, this takes time to get used to, so having a big cup of herbal tea after your meal can distract you, and by the time you’ve finished it, you’ll realize that you are actually satisfied!

Eating until you’re full is actually overeating.

You’ll be stretching out your stomach and it will then get used to be this full, so you’ll feel hungrier in between meals as well.

#3 Swap Your Carbs

All of your white rice, pasta and bread should be swapped for wholegrain.

Wholegrain is made from flour that uses all of the wheat.

Due to this, it takes longer for your body to digest it, meaning that you will feel fuller for longer.

It also has added nutrients that items made from white flour lack.

#4 Eat On A Smaller Plate

This tricks your brain a little.

Seeing a small portion on a big plate will make you think that you are going to be hungry, because there’s so little!

Yet if you put that same food onto a smaller plate, it will make you feel full, because your brain sees a full plate, and a lot of food!

Brains are weird!

#5 Eat Spicy Food!

Get out your spice rack, it’s time to turn up the heat.

Spicy food contains capsaicin, which boosts your metabolism and reduces hunger.

Incorporating it regularly into your diet will help you cut down the calories.

Add jalapenos and chili to whatever you can and breathe fire on everyone.

#6 Don’t Keep Food You Can’t Eat

If you don’t have the goodies in the house, you can’t eat them.

Don’t have chocolate in the house so you can have ‘a small square’, that plan never works.

The same goes for all of your white rice and bread.

Swap it out, give it to a friend or relative.

Just keep your cupboards filled with only the good stuff.

#7 Keep Inspirational Pictures Nearby

Whether it’s a celebrity, or a picture of yourself from a few years ago, it’s great to have a visual reminder of what you can achieve with a little hard work.

This will keep you motivated when you’re tempted to break your diet.

Keep them on your fridge, on your phone, anywhere close by for you to look at when you’re feeling unmotivated.

#8 Weigh Yourself Once a Week

This is a biggie.

The temptation is always there to step on the scales every day, but weight loss just doesn’t work like that.

Hormonal changes and water weight mean that you are constantly in flux, so pick a day and a time once a week (preferably first thing in the morning) and stick to it.

That way you’ll see real, regular progress

#9 Pick Up The Weights

Obviously cardio is great, but don’t be afraid of strength training.

Both men and women can get so much out of this and it really helps you to lose weight.

Muscle building makes your metabolism higher when your resting.

In general, it’s good to tone up as you lose weight, particularly if you want to lose a large number of pounds like Megan did.

It will also help to prevent a lot of sagging skin as you lose.

#10 Remember That You’re Not Alone

The reason that your favorite celebrity looks the way that they do is because they watch their diet and they work out.

Just like you, lots of people around the world are going through the same difficulties and trying to decide if they can be bothered to go to the gym tonight.

Losing weight can feel isolating at times but there are so many encouraging blogs and video’s out there that can help you stay positive.

#11 Don’t Diet!

Changing your eating habits must be a lifestyle change, not just a phase.

Otherwise, you’ll put all of the weight back on again, and you’ll feel unhealthy while you do it.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself occasionally, but remember, healthy eating should be your default choice. Once you start to exercise and eat right, you’ll feel great, and you’ll find that you never want to go back.

So there you have it.

This is how Megan transformed her life, to become the health and fitness Youtuber we all know and love.

Good for you Megan!

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