4 Ways To Stay Slim After Your Wedding

Weight Loss After Wedding


According to research done at Southern Methodist University, marriage comes with weight gain and divorce with weight loss.

Often, the reason is simply that the new life that you enter after your wedding doesn’t go with any of your existing healthy routines.

There is also the fact that you no longer feel the pressure to stay fit.

The net result is that married couples gain an average of 10 pounds over the first five years, and their cardiovascular health becomes poorer.

The way out is to quickly form your new routines together to get your weight down again. Beating the odds becomes much easier when the two of you work together as a team to stay healthy and slim.

Here’s 4 ways to stay slim after you get married:

#1 Cook Together

Post-wedding glow, you may be tempted to order in or to dine out, instead of cooking at home.

Unfortunately, restaurant meals tend to be high in fat and sodium. If cooking at home doesn’t sound like any fun at all, all you need to do is to plan your meals, go grocery shopping and cook your meals together.

Finding new and healthy recipes you and your partner can cook together from home can be fun and bring you closer together.

Plus you know exactly what you are eating.

#2 Try A Preplanned Meal Delivery Service

Finding the time to cook at home is one of the biggest hurdles that newly married couples face in staying at a healthy weight.

If you can afford it, a preplanned meal delivery service is the happy middle ground between cooking at home and eating out.

You get all the ingredients of great recipes delivered in the right quantities.

All you need to do is to heat them up.

It might be expensive, but it does deliver on its promise you get to eat healthy and keep your weight down. Plus you save time!

#3 Drink Expensive

Alcohol should be avoided as it causes all kinds of diseases and is bad for your heart.

But let’s be honest, we all like a drink now and then..

Psychologists say more expensive the wine the more slowly you drink it.

So if you are going to drink then buy the good stuff. 🙂

Since wine and other such beverages tend to be heavy on the calories, buying expensive and drinking only a little at a time is a good way to keep your weight under control.

Plus you get to enjoy a nice glass of wine in moderation.

#4 Balance Your Schedule

Couples who workout together, stay together..

It can be hard to work out together if one of you wants to relax on the couch rather than hit the gym.

You could make up a plan where you get to lounge around together one day, and work out the next.

It’s important to make sure that everyone is taken care of. So schedule times to workout. No excuses!

When you’re newly wed, your brain has generous helpings of dopamine.

This makes your life energy-filled and happy. If you were to try to establish workout routines early in your married life, you’d have all the energy you needed for them.

As the years go by, however, the dopamine is replaced by oxytocin, which makes for deep love and attachment, with little need to get up and move.

With the routines well in place in the first year, you should have little trouble maintaining them and staying slim.

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